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Mission Statement

Dueta Dance has six core values that are represented by our three company colors: blue for our commitment to honesty and integrity, red for our commitment to helping you become your own personal champion, and black for a commitment to providing you with a high quality experience.

We stand by these values in all of our business decisions and teaching techniques.

Here are our values and their corresponding colors:


"Honesty and integrity in everything we do."

This value is twofold. At Dueta Dance, we have a commitment to not only making honest business decisions, but to be honest with our students as well. For example, if you ask us about your progress in a class, we will not just shower you with fake praise in order to make you want to come back. Our belief is that lying to someone who is trusting us to teach them a new skill would be irresponsible and unkind. We will tell you what you are doing well in, and what you need to practice. We genuinely care about your success. In order to succeed, you need an honest teacher!


"Bring out the best our in our students."


Everyone is capable of being a good dancer. It just takes a teacher who believes in you. At Dueta Dance, we actively work to bring out the best dancer possible in all of our students. We understand that different dancers learn at different rates. However, your learning speed does not dictate your value as a member of the dance community! Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. We do our best to not only correct your weaknesses, but help you find and build up your strengths.


"Be precise."


We like to keep things laid back and modern at Dueta Dance. However, that does not mean that we do not teach by the books. The majority of the moves that we teach are from 3 different syllabi: Arthur Murray, DVIDA (Dance Vision International Dance Association), and ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing). We want to ensure that you are receiving a quality education when you take lessons from us, so we work hard to stay up to date with our education and the education of our teaching assistants.


"Always give back to the community."

As a rule, we would like to believe that we were blessed with the platform that we were given in order to use it for good. So, we give back to the community on a regular basis in any way we can.

One example is our youth exhibition team program, where we teach showcase routines to groups of teens at a cost lower than our usual price. Then we take those routines out to nursing homes, charity events, and dance competitions to 1) provide the teens with a performance experience they may not otherwise get to be a part of, 2) brighten the day of many nursing home and assisted living members, and 3) bring publicity to local charity organizations that are helping our community. Unfortunately, due to COVID restraints, we have had to put this program on hold. However, we hope to get it running again sometime in the future.

Another example is Formal Fashion Fair, our non-profit formalwear program that allows youth in our dance programs to find formalwear for our formal events. That way, no matter what their socioeconomic status is, they can still feel confident getting out on the dance floor with their friends. 100% of the proceeds and donations to Formal Fashion Fair go towards stocking more inventory for the youth to enjoy.


"Ensure that the student gets their money's worth in every lesson."


We understand that, for most of you, time and money are not abundant resources. Even if money is an abundant resource, no one likes to feel like they have been taken advantage of. At Dueta Dance, we do everything in our power to ensure that your time with us is worth every second. We will not try to cheat you of your time, nor insult your intelligence by teaching you half of a lesson's worth of information in a full lesson's time. We cannot control your learning speed, but we can control the quality of your education. So, you can leave every lesson knowing that we took the time to make sure you got the best education possible in the amount of time we had together.


"Have fun, but stay professional."

Not only do we work to provide you with an educational experience, but we also work to provide you with a professional quality experience. We hold our business to high standards for quality, and we bring that into our teaching as well. We focus on creating an easygoing atmosphere for our students, but that does not mean that we allow ourselves to act irresponsibly in the name of comfort. We always strive to create a quality experience for our students, so that means holding ourselves to high behavior, presentation, and education standards.

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