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Updated: Jan 26, 2022

We get asked this question a lot. There are lots of great dance playlists on YouTube that Spenser and I use for inspiration all the time. We also like to google music we hear at dances and competitions for later use at our dances and classes. However, the options can be overwhelming when you are trying to pick songs to dance to from 3, 8, even 10-hour playlists. For the average social dancer who just wants a couple of songs they can use for practice, it helps to have music you are familiar with.

To help with that, I created some Spotify playlists with roughly one hour of music for all of the dances that we teach. There are 21 playlists, and each playlist is labeled by dance. The tempos vary within each playlist, so you can practice at a variety of speeds. You may recognize some of the songs from our classes and dances. However, I also included songs we do not use as often (but still enjoy dancing to). There is a playlist with all of our line dance and round dance songs, too!

I hope you enjoy our lists! These playlists are open for anyone to use, not just Dueta Dance students. I tried to pick a variety of songs that are just as fun to listen to as they are to dance to. So, you can use them for background music as well as dance practice. Feel free to share this with your friends or anyone you know who might enjoy listening to them!

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